The L-RAY/2000 is the systematic further development of the L-RAY/1000. The aim was to considerably increase the power capability in all areas of the system and thus improve practical operation. This has been achieved by using high-power class D amplifiers and larger speakers with a considerably higher power capability and a higher efficiency. The high-performance magnetostatic tweeters operate on preceding waveguides which result in a good acoustic coupling of the individual systems. A 6.5″ special system which has especially been developed for radiating the important midrange is supported in the lower midrange by two further 6.5″ bass-midrange speakers. Two 12″ systems of long excursion radiate the bass range and provide a solid and powerful deep fundamental bass reproduction, even without subwoofer support. The DSP system with the respective software is identical to the one included in the L-RAY/1000 and impresses by an easy and intuitive operation. The system is supplied with the same robust mounting frame which is suitable for suspended installation or ground-stacked configuration. The array elements can be curved in steps of 1°. The individual components can be locked with quick-release pins. The mounting frame also allows for suspended installation of the array elements only, without the subwoofer.

Professional PA speaker array (controlled by DSP software), active, 2,000 W (1,000 W+1,000 W)

The L-RAY/2000 is a very high-quality solution for any PA application where both a perfect tonality and a perfect radiation across the room are required. The advantages of the system particularly take effect with fixed installations in clubs and discotheques as well as mobile stage applications. For larger PA applications, the use of several L-RAY systems in a cluster is recommended.

For installation by experts only! Please pay attention to the use of appropriate installation material, as otherwise persons and units will be put at risk.

SOUNDCHECK 04/2014 “In order to really test the L-RAY/2000 under live conditions, we decided to use the system at a techno event in the club ‘Waagenbau’ in Hamburg, Germany. The ‘Waagenbau’ is a club in Hamburg’s popular district Altona which can accommodate approximately 500 people. It is located in the casemates underneath a railroad and still features the typical brick interior with semi-round ceilings. With regard to the sound, these conditions are far from ideal. … after playing the first couple of tracks with the L-RAY/2000, everyone was impressed. The two 12″ bass speakers provided the essential component for the bass drum. The ribbon tweeters delivered a fine reproduction of the high frequencies as to be expected from hi-hats and cymbals. The speakers also provided a clear and precise reproduction of the synthesizer sounds which are very important for electro house and techno, without causing tinnitus. … the system delivered a well-balanced, prominent and homogeneous sound, despite the less than perfect room acoustics. The event organisers were fully satisfied with the event and didn’t want to give back the L-RAY/200.” + Powerful and clear sound + Very good price-performance ratio + Supplied with controller software   tools4music 05/2013 “With the L-RAY/2000 from IMG Stage Line, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL introduces a PA system which deserves to be called ‘professional’. The quality of the individual components, the simple and robust connection technique, the impressive workmanship and last but not least the combination of performance and sound available at an attractive price … define a class of its own. The system is ideally suited for fixed installations. The individual components allow for very flexible applications. Thus, I also recommend it to event companies who like to realise completely different PA solutions. … that’s what I call ‘additional value for PA applications’. There are only a few requests: It would be nice if the product range could also include the individual components, e.g. top parts and subwoofer … and if the amplifier electronics could additionally feature a green LED indicating ‘I am online’. Otherwise: two thumbs up!”